I stress out too much and I believe it’s causing me huge health problems. I believe I’m also not the only person who allows this to happen to themself. I am going to try harder to do the following and if you’re like me I suggest you try it too:
1. Don’t take things so personal. Maybe someone is having a bad day and taking it out on you, especially if this is someone you’re close to. They feel comfortable enough and talk to you more than someone else enough that you get the shit end of the stick. This is not something that is okay and should be always taken nor a cheek always turned to, but think about it. You’re having a bad day and you’re venting to your significant other or best friend or family member, your attitude and how you feel about your problems is coming out, and if they say something you might reply to it with that tone in your voice….right? We’ve all done it. I’m going to try harder to not take it personally from now on when someone else does it to me, as well as me not do it to others. I will try to let things like this go instead of brewing.
2. Not brewing over serious things. If something is seriously bothering me, and I can take a step back, evaluate the situation, and decide if it’s legitimate to be upset about or not, if it is, I’m going to say something. Too often do I bottle things up. I don’t like talking about my feelings, but I just bury everything and then I eventually explode which is not good. If something’s bothering me I’m going to let people know from now on rather than walking around with an unspoken grudge.
3. Be more considerate. I’m going to try harder to be considerate of other people’s feelings. I feel I do a good job at this, but sadly I know I can always do better. There’s ALWAYS room for improvement!
4. Be nicer, but not faker. There’s no need to be nasty to someone, but no need to kiss their ass either. Everyone can use a pick-me-up, but no need to go out on a limb and make them feel extravagant if you know it’s not the truth. Give people a reason to smile but keep it humble.
5. Stand your ground and make boundaries, this is where you need to be selfish. Too often do I allow people to walk all over me, speak to me however they want, and do whatever they want. There is an invisible bubble that we all have, emotionally and physically. Only those special to you should have access to that. If someone is trying to invade your “space” you tell them to back the fuck off. No one is entitled to it. I think we try too hard to not hurt other people’s feelings, that we forget about our own feelings. Stop it. You don’t owe those people anything if they won’t owe you the respect that everyone deserves…personal space.
6. Agree to disagree. You won’t always agree with people on everything, and that’s okay! Everyone has their own views and opinions on literally everything in life, and I can guarantee it won’t always match up with yours. But seriously, IT’S OKAY! Life would be boring if we all viewed everything the same. Is it really worth constantly arguing and debating about every little thing? NO! If it’s something really important to you, sure go for it, but because it’s important…not because you think a wall color should be red and they think it should be purple, just agree to disagree and instead say we ain’t changing the fucking color or let’s go with a burgundy and meet in the middle!
7. Second chances. The special guy in my life recently taught me I need to do this. Forgive but not forget BUT don’t hold a grudge either. If you’re going to give someone a second chance, you can’t constantly throw the past in their face when you decide to give them that second shot. That’s not fair. So if you go through with it, do it right. 
8. Don’t be envious. Easier said than done, but if someone has something you want but don’t have, put that energy towards working for it yourself. If you can’t get that specific thing, then look for something better for -YOU-. Something that’s worth more to you than what you originally thought it was you wanted. 
9. Trust. It’s too easy to me to say people in my past fucked me over and hurt me so I am going to have a wall up and block everyone else out. That will lead me to a lonely miserable life. I will miss out on great things. Past life issues should be used as a lesson taught, not as an excuse to not live life. People I’m just now meeting or haven’t met are not people who have done me wrong, so it’s unfair to them and to myself to let the people in my past ruin a chance of making good friendships, relationship, opportunities. I think so many people do this. It’s a defense mechanism but it leads us all to be very unhappy people deep down. Not everyone is that bad.
10. Love yourself. Take care of yourself. Take your vitamins and your meds on a daily schedule. Eat your meals. Hydrate yourself. Take yourself to your check ups. Sleep right. Make yourself look good. Do things that make you feel good. Be around people who make you laugh and feel safe and who you are happy to be around. When people aren’t meeting you half way in something, or a job isn’t doing for you what you’re doing for it, know that you can get better elsewhere. Too often we sell ourselves short. We let people take us for granted. When we give our all and try our hardest and the other party doesn’t seem to give a shit, and all you do is cry or feel worn down and like it’s all for nothing, know that you can find something who will appreciate you more and actually WANT you.

You should smile more often, those dimples are super cute. Seeing you smile is a life-changing experience.

Who are you and why are you so creepy

I would give anything to hold you just one more time.

I don’t know who you are but you’re creeping me out especially at the fact you only live about 15 minutes away from me. Stop it.